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Your barndominium or HOme with expanded Space

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Your Expanded Living Quarters

Building a reliable place to live in is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. You can build your dream living space with a contractor you can trust. Our homes and barndominiums have all the room you need for that high-quality home and shop or garage area you’ve always wanted.

We offer a wide variety of choices and building styles for your steel building home, cabin construction, or barndominium. You have many factors to consider when deciding on who is going to build your next home and what it needs to include. A Built Rite home is an ideal choice with open floor layouts, that accommodates your storage and hobby needs, plus there is an array of porch options that helps fully customizes your home.

All of our buildings are built as either Stick or Post Frame building, complete with laminated posts with a 2×6 side girth. We only use high-quality metal that is 28 Gauge. This metal is thick and sturdy and built to last through anything that the weather of Missouri throws your way. And don’t forget, our metal comes with a 40-year warranty so you know that your home is Built Rite and built to last.

Not sure whether a Barndominium or Home is the best fit for your family? Then give our team of experts a call and get a free estimate and get all of your questions answered.

Modern Barndominiums

Why not make a condominium with a modern barn look? You choose the design and we build it. You can receive a barn with living quarters.

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Home Construction

Your new home is about to become a reality. With Built Rite Buildings you don’t have to worry about building your home, you only have to worry about dreaming up your perfect home.

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  • Stick or Post framed
  • Laminated posts
  • 2×6 side girths
  • High-quality materials
  • Gerken windows
  • Custom built
  • 28-gauge metal
  • 40-year warranty


Make Your Dreams Come True

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We offer free estimates that give you the opportunity to see how we will work with you.

2. Contract and Design

We want to carry out your perfect design. We work with you to find out how to carry out your desires for your Home.

3. Build and Enjoy

We build. You enjoy. We do everything we can to make your home something you can enjoy living in.

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Your Missouri Home and barndominium

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