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Don’t miss your opportunity for a garage built rite.

garage’s that protect and expand your home

Looking for a better way to protect your vehicles? Need some extra storage space? Or are you simply looking for a better way to do your hobbies without making a mess in the house?

Well, our custom-built garages are a great option for you! We have built hundreds of garages and add-ons and know just what it takes to get you the building you need. So whether you’re looking to expand your home or build a stand-alone garage, you can trust us to build it the Rite way.

All of our buildings are built as either Stick or Post Frame buildings, complete with laminated posts with a 2×6 side girth. We only use high-quality metal that is 28 Gauge. This metal is thick and sturdy and built to last through anything that the weather of Missouri throws your way. And don’t forget, our metal comes with a 40-year warranty so you know that your home is built-Rite and built to last.

Your garage should enhance both the look and value of your property, so we use the best material and craftsmanship possible to get it done exactly the way you want. Give us a call today and speak with an expert on how to get started on your new Garage!

Garages built for Missouri

1. Free Estimate

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2. Contract and Design

You dream it up and we carry it out. Agree to work with us and choose what your design will be.

3. Build and Enjoy

You can receive your dream garage built rite. We do the building, you do the enjoying.



  • Stick or Post framed
  • Laminated posts
  • 2×6 side girths
  • High-quality materials
  • Gerken windows
  • Custom built
  • 28-gauge metal
  • 40-year warranty

Your Missouri Garage Experts

Do you have questions on how to get started on your Garage? Wondering about what steps you need to take?
Let our team answer any questions that you have. We can provide you with blueprints, examples and answer all of your
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