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Get started on your dream building today! We provide all the colors, options, and blueprints that your family or business needs in order to get started! Check out our gallery or blueprints to see some of our favorite past designs. Or scroll down and see all the options you have available for your dream building.

What our buildings are made of

1. Solid Foundation & Structure

We provide solid concrete foundations that ensure your building is built-rite from the ground up!

All our trusses are on 4ft centers. This provides an exceptional, wide framing that can withstand the test of time and the storms that might come your way.

Double 2 x 10 or 2 x 12 headers for truss support. This gives even more support to your building and helps set us apart from our competition.

2. Metal that lasts

All metal is built with a 28-gauge, Solid, metal. This gives extra protection to our buildings and means that your building is even more insulated and protected from the elements.

All metal comes with a 50-year guarantee and warranty! We believe that your building should stand the test of time so that’s why we use the best metal options available.

Our buildings also include:
2 x 4 roof nailers, 2ft on center
2 x 6 side nailers, 2ft on center.

3. Other Options for your Building

Your building should be built to fit your desires so we include the following options to meet those needs:
Overhead doors
Sliding doors
Gerken Windows: Any size
25+ Colors & Designs to choose from

Colors that fit your building!


  • Stick or Post framed
  • Laminated posts
  • 2×6 side girths
  • High-quality materials
  • Gerken windows
  • Custom built
  • 28-gauge metal
  • 40-year warranty


Do you have questions on how to get started on your dream project? Wondering about what steps you need to take?
Let our team answer any questions that you have. We can provide you with blueprints, examples and answer all of your
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